What Does Blurry Vision Mean, and Should You Worry?

Individuals often notice blurry vision after they have been sitting at the computer for too long or reading for a long period of time. In most cases, blurred vision is not a sign of a serious eye or vision problem, but sometimes, it can indicate the need for treatment by an eye professional. At Vision Associates in Toledo OH, we can help resolve vision problems, so you can perform work tasks more effectively and enjoy recreational activities more fully.

Blurry Vision Is A Common Problem

More than ever, individuals rely on their eyes for everyday work and social interactions. Schoolwork, reading, hobbies and various types of close work can put a strain on eyes. Even fatigue can cause poor focus of the eyes. In most cases, looking away from electronic screens and looking at the scenery outdoors can help to relieve these problems. However, in some cases, blurred vision can signal a more serious problem that requires professional eye care.

Common Causes of Blurred Vision

Looking at computer and smartphone screens throughout the day can cause eye fatigue and blurring. Usually, getting away from the device screen for a period of time and using soothing eye drops can help this problem. Extensive reading of small print can also cause eyestrain and blurring of vision. You may experience blurring of vision when your eyeglass or contact lens prescription is no longer adequate for your vision needs. Dry eye syndrome can result when insufficient tears or poor-quality tears are produced. This problem can cause blurry vision because of lack of moisture on the eye surface.

When Blurred Vision Is More Serious

Any incident of severe or sudden blurring of vision could signal an eye disease or injury that needs treatment. If you are diabetic, you need to pay particular attention to eye health, because of the risk of retinal detachment, which can cause loss of vision. Older individuals may have blurring of vision due to cataracts or macular degeneration, which may require treatment. A stroke can also cause blurred vision. Any incident that include blurring of vision, along with severe headache, numbness of the extremities, difficulty speaking or lack of coordination when walking should be seen by a physician immediately. If you experience a sudden loss of vision, unusual blurring of vision or eye pain, see your eye doctor immediately.

Choose Vision Associates For Your Vision Care

The eye professionals at Vision Associates are committed to providing the highest quality eye care for individuals in Toledo, OH, Bowling Green and Defiance. We offer a broad range of vision care services including comprehensive examinations, pediatric eye care, cataract surgery, diabetic eye care and treatment of eye diseases. Call Vision Associates today at 419-578-2020 for an appointment to have your eyes examined to help you achieve clearer vision for your everyday tasks.

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