Men’s grooming products and the growing demand for them

From hair cutting and shaving, male grooming has traveled a long way, with market now being equally dominated by male and female beauty products and services in the same ratio. Given the growing demand for male grooming products, companies too, are leaving no stone unturned in flooding the market with different types of beauty products, which were otherwise considered as female domain.

Gone are the days when men’s grooming services were restricted to haircut and shaving. Of late, men, especially metro sexual ones, have been demanding wider range of services and products, so as to polish their personalities. According to an analysis, the market for men’s grooming products has almost doubled in two years, from 1.28 billion dollars in 2018 to 2.6 billion dollars in 2020. Projections have it that market is further expected to soar to 5.5 billion dollars by end of the next year.

From beard oil to men’s hair wax, the products are fast becoming must-have ones, in most of the men’s bathrooms. One would hardly find any brand or company, which is into manufacturing cosmetics, of not boasting men’s grooming products alongside female grooming products. As many as 177 new men’s grooming products were launched by various cosmetics manufacturers last year.

Nowadays, beauty salons and spas are witnessing growing number of male footfalls as compared to female ones, who want to pamper themselves. Right from facials to skin detoxification, there is every product available in the market, in men’s grooming range. Most of the cosmetic companies have started focusing on male grooming range like, men’s shampoo, face wash, face scrub and peel-off mask. And, there are hair nourishment products exclusively designed to maintain the health and shine of men’s hair.

Men have started becoming choosy as far as using bath soaps is concerned, product which has become a latest addition in men’s grooming range. There are various men’s soaps and beard shampoos, handmade and chemical free, for giving men a glowing and radiant skin. Skin moisturizing lotions are considered are one of the best products to have been launched in men’s grooming range.

Moisturizers with shea butter, aloe vera and glycerin are some of the best selling products in the market. Moisturizers and body lotions containing lavender aroma oil helps in giving men a healthy skin and a fee of relaxation. Lavender based skin oil is said to be used by the royals in the olden times.

Considering the ever rising demand of men’s grooming products, it will be no surprise that, the market will soon witness a parallel demand and supply for male and female grooming products.

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