Tips to Help You Choose a Right Ophthalmologist

Eye problems, however small or  minor in nature, needs to be attended by an experienced and reliable ophthalmologist. The time should be  at the earliest, to prevent the problems from turning bigger and severe. Leaving your eye problems unattended and uncared can result in permanent damage of your eyes as well as vision loss too. Even more so , just having periodic medical eye examinations will be even more impactful in  maintaining healthy functioning eyes and preventing eye issues and diseases.  Therefore, securing an appointment with your eye surgeon is one of the most essential and vital requisites for you.

Now that we have established that maintaining your healthy eyes is important, the challenge becomes how do you find the right eye doctor Many times finding the right  ophthalmologist near me, can be  nothing short of a challenge. Therefore, here are some valuable tips and guidelines, for you to consider, in helping you locate a good ophthalmologist in New York or in your area,


Finding a good ophthalmologist by way of recommendations or referrals is one of the best options. Your family friends and  doctor can all be good source of information.

    Family / Friends

Your family and friends can be the best referral source as they have actually been the patient. When checking or getting a referral make sure to get specifics . Do not just settle with “good ” or “bad” find out the details and why they are reccommending him or her.

Is the doctor competent , caring, diligent,, good surgeon,  has  additional training or backgrodiligently  field? Be careful about those that dismiss a good physician doctor based a bad receptionist or practice billing. A perfect doctor can be hard to find, so in these circumstances , find out how did the physician or practice  respond to their complaints. Did the doctor  advocate for the patientt or did the patient ever  bring it to his or her attention.  Although, Many times these circumstances are   outside the doctors control. Find out what has their relationship been with the doctor, bedside manner, accuracy of diagnosis, proper treatment of their medical disease , successful treatment rates, etc..

Doctor Referals

Your primary care or other doctors can also be a referral source . But unfortunately due to the lack of independent doctors it can be difficult to get an objective recommendation. Many hospital groups and large multi- speciality groups will incentivise their doctor to chose doctors within their group and deter them for recommending outside physicians.  Be weary if your primary doctor is in a group and only refers to their group doctor. When getting a referral from a doctor 1) ask them why are the recommending  this particular  doctor ? What is special about this doctor ? Would they recommend their own family member?

Always ask for multiple names in and out of group ( if your problem is general or you are just requesting  a routine exam) – be weary if they can not supply more than one name or ifs only limited to his/her group.


In spite of recommendations, do spend  time and effort,  researching the ophthalmologist’s credentials and work experience. Check their qualifications and what institutions provided their medical training. Are they Board- Certified? Malpractice suits?

Also to ensure complete care  opt for an eye professional which specializes in major and  minor eye surgery, to be assured of optimal results.

Licensed Ophthalmologist

In order to ensure the best possible ophthalmic care, it should be vital for the ophthalmologist to be US board certified or have the necessary qualifications for treating eye related issues and disease. Also do check for any liabilities in malpractice or disciplinary actions to have a full understanding of your physicians’ backgrouI nd. Nowadays in the area of litigation a doctor may have  suit, was it settled, dismissed, etc . MoSt importantly are there multiple and are there trends .   and that in itself does not make him or her a bad physician, look for trends , how they were resolved and Browsing through the website will aid you  in finding whether the ophthalmologist comes with a clean slate or not.


The more experience your ophthalmologist has in Eye check up New York, the better the potential quality of care you receive  Check on line for phrases like “ glaucoma specialist near me” or “ ophthalmologists near me”.  Once you find the listings, check background ( as mentioned  above- friends, education, etc),


 Also Check the online reviews posted by  past patients will  give you a clear idea about the medical professional’s record and reputation.  A sporadic or rare negative may add legitimacy to the authenticity of the reviews but be weary of ophthalmologist that have many strong negative reviews.  Also be weary , and read the negative review for content to see just want the complaint is about , it may not be relevant to your needs. A person who doesn’t pay their medical bills may not be relevant to you .

Services offered by the ophthalmologist’s clinic

Your eye doctor’s hospital or clinic, wherein you will be treated, should have some common services and facilities like, trained staff and right tools and equipments.

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