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Freediving is diving on one breath of air. Unlike scuba, freediving is a smaller amount about equipment and gadgets but is concentrated on the individual.

Fitness and technique play an enormous part during this serene and enjoyable sport, and by concentrating on those two elements one can experience the underwater world in ways you simply imagined.

freediving Tulum places its roots many thousands of years ago, primarily when mankind actively tried to reap the seas for the primary time. Divers would dive for food and later, luxury items like pearls and sponges.

We may have learned tons about the body since those days, allowing us to travel deeper than most people ever imagined, but the principle remains an equivalent.

freediving Cancun, like conventional scuba, is merely possible thanks to the human body’s incredible adaptation to pressure. These being the proportion of water within the body, and therefore the ability to pressurize the air spaces within the head.

Many people will have tried freediving, to some extent, whilst snorkeling on holiday. Although snorkeling is extremely much a surface-based activity, many of us will have dived deeper than the primary few meters to ascertain something a touch closer. Now, although the primary few meters are very different from 10, 20, 30, 40 meters or more, they need inadvertently become a novice freediver.

With training, we will learn to slow the guts rate, trigger the mammalian dive reflex, hold the breath in our lungs for extended periods, dive to Scuba depths, and everyone whilst feeling totally at one with the water around us.

One of the good advantages of freediving over skin diving is that the lack of cumbersome equipment.

You only actually need two things to freedive, a mask and a few fins. Now that’s to not say that you simply wouldn’t perhaps appreciate a snorkel, a wetsuit, and a weight belt but it shows that we believe a mere fraction of the equipment needed to scuba dive safely.

Freediving should in fact always be conducted with safety in mind. you ought to really always dive with a buddy, and if you’ll, you should not dive deep. you ought to be mindful of currents and tides. you ought to mark yourself with a surface buoy to warn boats etc of your presence, then that nobody calls the coastguard once they see a diver lying face down within the water not moving (preparing for a dive).


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