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A Way to Take True Care of Your Teeth After Implant Placement?

After the location of dental implants, some slight reactions of the quick period may additionally appear. Our dentist will provide you with information on what to anticipate inside the days following the operation.

Slight Bleeding

setting a dental implant is a surgical act. it’s miles consequently ordinary to study slight bleeding at the stop of the Operation.

to be able to decrease this bleeding, at the EL CEDRO Barcelona clinic, Dr. RODRIGUEZ and his medical crew have mastered the method referred to as FLAPLESS (implant placement without opening the gum). by putting the implant without incising the gum, bleeding is rare or even nonexistent.

Slight Ache

We do now not all have the same stage of pain tolerance. however, dental implant placement is a painless manner for the large majority of patients. only some analgesics and antibiotics are enough to lessen pain and prevent feasible infections.

remember that it is easier to prevent ache than to fight it! that is why Dr. RODRIGUEZ will prescribe analgesics before the operation. in the days following surgical procedure, it is crucial to strictly adhere to the drugs prescribed by way of your dentist and not to wait until you’re in pain earlier than taking your medication.

Mild Swelling And Hematoma

slight swelling and some bruising can also arise after dental implant placement. relaxation assured, this is normal and could most effective ultimate a few days!

Dr. Rodriguez and his group will provide you with an ice p.c. to the area towards the operated place for the first 20 mins. you will additionally be prescribed pills.

What Are The Hints Following The Placement Of A Dental Implant?

so that it will restrict the uncomfortable results and guarantee the possibilities of achievement of your implant remedy, your dentist will propose which you observe some easy commands.


Brush your tooth gently, at least three instances a day, the usage of the surgical toothbrush provided by the EL CEDRO health facility. don’t forget to brush your gums well to facilitate restoration and prevent irritation.


Make mouthwashes for 10 days from the day after the method. Use the mouthwash with the purpose to had been prescribed to you through your dentist and appreciate the frequency given.


throughout the primary 7 days, you need to devour a lukewarm or even cold weight-reduction plan. This in order not to promote swelling.

all through the complete recuperation length, you’ll want to have a soft weight loss plan in order now not to strain the implants.

Tobacco / Alcohol

it’s far strongly recommended which you do now not smoke or drink alcohol in order, not to gradually down healing.

Sports Hobby

it’s far encouraged not to exercise sports activities for two days Following the location of dental implants. when you have had a sinus-raise and/or a bone graft, a closing date of 30 days should be reputable.


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