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Cox for Your Home: Everything You Need to Know about the Cox Communications

The tried and true means to receive high download speed in the home is through cable internet. For years, people have been struggling to find the right source for a stable and high-speed internet connection.

However, in the modern days when there are plenty of options a high number of internet service providers, finding the right kind is often a difficult task. Cox Communications is one such name that is known for providing high-speed reliable internet service to more than 20 million people in the United States.

Cox Communications has built its name as a reliable internet service provider throughout the time.

Especially after the pandemic when people were struggling to find the best internet service for their home – where the need for speed was growing at a dramatic pace, Cox communication stepped forward as the ultimate solution. 

During the pandemic millions of people were working from home, hundreds of children had to continue their education through virtual means – not to forget that people had a minimal source of entertainment when locked up in their homes for an uncertain period of time. 

Many people crawled up to the internet to stay connected to the digital world, surf on social media, stream their favorite TV shows and even watch movies to keep themselves sane during the coronavirus crisis.

This high dependence on the internet brought a lot of internet service providers into the debate. The debate to find the best internet service for homes in the United States.

Why Is Cox Communications so Popular?

Some of you might wonder why Cox Communications is so popular. If this question pops up in your mind then one thing is for sure; you have not yet connected your home with the service.

Cox Communication is now billing itself as the largest private telecom provider in the United States. Cox Communications is boasting nearly $12 billion in annual revenues.

If we talk about the Cox services then over 6 million residential and business customers are subscribed to Cox services in 19 states where the service offers cable internet. If you are a resident in these areas you must have come across the name Cox. You might have also considered signing up for it.

And even if you didn’t think of signing up back then, by the time you read this blog you will surely think of doing so.

So before you sign up for the Cox Communications services and leverage Cox deals, here is a full rundown of its services.

Does Cox Communications Offer Home Internet in My State?

One of the most important things that you need to consider before you start reaching for an internet service provider, is whether that service is available in your hometown.

There are a lot of cable internet service providers in the United States but not all of them cater to the needs of states. Therefore, there are high chances that the internet service you want does not provide cable TV or internet service in your hometown.

The easiest way to find out which internet service provider is available in your hometown is by just visiting the website

By inserting your zip code, you can access all the information about the different internet service providers in your area.

However, if you especially want to know whether Cox Communications provides cable internet in your area then we have listed down some locales where the service is available and functioning.

· Cleveland, Ohio

· Gainesville, Florida

· Las Vegas, Nevada

· Macon, Georgia

· New Orleans, Louisiana

· Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

· Omaha, Nebraska

· Pensacola, Florida

· Phoenix, Arizona

· San Diego, California

· Santa Barbara, California

· Topeka, Kansas

· Virginia Beach, Virginia

· Wichita, Kansas

The Cox home internet footprint has now reached just under 7% of the United States population as of December 2019. This data has been collected by the Federal Communications Commission.

This makes tens of millions of people but it is short of both Charter Spectrum and Comcast; the top largest internet providers that each offered service to roughly one-third of the US households.

Cable Internet Stack Up

If you are thinking about how cable internet stack up these days? Then the answer is – pretty well. Not to mention the fact that it is easy to bundle cable TV service with the cable TV service.

If we talk about Cox internet then the Cox deals combine exceptional internet service with cable TV service.

Like most of the cable internet providers that are able to offer 940 megabits download speed per second or even higher makes it much better than the DSL or even the with the wireless internet.

However, to state the obvious fact we would like to clarify that a fiber connection can offer concurrent upload speed, which just is the same as the download speed. Unfortunately, the cable internet falls shot in this matter.

Even with near-gigabit download speed, having cable internet can cause you to stick with upload speed in the double digits.

Take Cox’s internet plans for example. The Cox top-tier plan, which includes 940 Mbps of the internet, comes with a maximum upload speed of 35 Mbps. On the other hand, the four plans beneath the fastest plan offer a download from a range of 3 Mbps to 10 Mbps.

These lower-tier plans with lower upload speed can cause a crunch if you have a busy home like every other American household.

Since the pandemic, people are now more equipped in their homes and even now the vaccination rates have started growing in the country many people are sticking with pandemic-induced lifestyles.

Therefore, even now, if you are thinking to purchase a Cox internet plan then going with the lower upload speed can cause hurdles with people always on zoom call or people constantly streaming in your house. Because these activities require a lot more upload, data and you can soon become short on that.

Cox Comes with Variety

Speaking of the Cox internet plans above it would not be unjustified to claim that Cox internet offers a variety of plans that come with a variety of prices, speed, and a lot more important facilities.

The Signup Bonus

Did we forget to mention that Cox offers promotional rates in its plans? 

As of this writing, there must be a new optional package in a Cox deal that can offer you a straight knock-off of $10. This means that price of your bill each month for over the first year will cause you much less than you expected.

However, this is just for the initial year. The knocking off of the payment in the 1-year contract is a bit typical catch in the ISP industry but with Cox communication, you won’t be charged with any hidden fees.

All you need to know about the signing up process and how much it can cost you will be displayed to you clearly.

For instance, for the Cox internet communication, you will require to pay a fee of 100 dollars which will induce a technician to set up a home internet connection and making sure it is running.

Other than this, Cox also charges an extra fee of $12 each month for the modem/router devices, which is panoramic Wi-Fi.

Anything that you feel is making the intent connection swoop out of your budget you can skip that.

For example, you can skip the panoramic Wi-Fi modem fee by using your Cox-approved modem.

Cheers to a Hustle Free Surfing

Having the right internet connection can become truly hustling. However, when you drive down to a few good options you will be able to pick the one that suits your budget. Cox Communications offers great cox deals and internet plans that are meant to satisfy your home internet needs.


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