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How Might Nutrition Consulting Help Me?

Nutrition consulting is not like getting a massage but it is not seen as torture either. A nutrition consultation can benefit you in many ways unimaginable. You will not be lectured about what you should and should not be eating. These are things you already know. Nutrition consulting should give you the opportunity to understand where you are in your life right now in regard to your diet and lifestyle. Nutrition consultants will take the time to listen to your concerns and help you achieve goals. They can be done by either a dietitian or a nutrition consultant.

Who can benefit from nutrition consulting?
Many people see nutritionists for a variety of reasons. Maybe you are looking to manage a particular medical condition that you may have. Maybe you would like to find different ways to get some healthy recipes. Most people do not make appointments with a nutritionist until they have visited their primary doctor. This is because it can give you the necessary information needed on any specific medical conditions you may have that can be addressed with your nutritionist. You may have high cholesterol or elevated glucose levels. Other people are dealing with high blood pressure issues that may prompt them to visit a nutritionist.

Here are some health conditions that would prompt a visit to a nutritionist:

High cholesterol
Celiac disease
High blood pressure
Heart disease
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Pre-diabetes and diabetes
Overweight or obesity
First Appointment–What to Expect
During your first appointment, a nutritionist will ask you about your objectives, goals, and reasoning behind wanting to see a nutrition counselor. Your medical history will be reviewed along with any supplements and medications that you may be taking currently. They will also take note of your sleep patterns, exercise, energy and stress levels, etc. Most nutritionists recommend that you write down your meals in the last 24 hours prior to visiting them. They are helpful in giving you advice on cooking habits and help you to determine any necessary issues such as not eating breakfast. They will give you some tips on how you can eat healthier.

Overall, you can expect to have anywhere between two to three sessions. This is normally the most appropriate number of appointments needed to help get you on the right track. There are some people who may take advantage of monthly appointments until they are more comfortable with their new eating habits. It is also not uncommon for others to schedule. A nutrition consultation refresher appointment a year after their first appointment to review how their new diet is coming along and get the necessary help if needed to get back on track.


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