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Physical Therapy After an Auto Accident

If you are in an auto accident, it is important to get the treatment you need to heal properly. While medication can ease some of your symptoms, you will find relief from your pain and stiffness when you work closely with a physical therapist. At PT Link Physical Therapy, we will talk to you about your symptoms and your treatment goals. Together we will develop a treatment plan to help you recover from the injuries you sustained in an auto accident.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accidents can lead to significant muscle, ligament and soft tissue injuries. Your primary care physician may refer you to a physical therapist to address these types of injuries. Whiplash is common after an auto accident, and this is caused from whipping your head backward and forward upon impact. The movement causes strain on your neck muscles, ligaments and tendons. You might not feel much pain right after the accident, but whiplash can become worse over the next few days. Low back strain, neck strain, headaches, mid back pain and shoulder pain are all common after an auto accident.

How Physical Therapy Helps After an Auto Accident

A physical therapist will look to uncover the root cause of your pain, stiffness, or poor range of motion. After a careful assessment, you will begin treatment that is targeted for your needs. You might have your range of motion tested in affected joints, and be asked to rate your pain levels. Physical therapy helps by uncovering any problems, and helping your body heal naturally.

Treatment With a Physical Therapist

Once a treatment plan is developed, you will see a physical therapist several times a week after an auto accident. You might receive ultrasound to increase blood flow, hot or cold therapy, massage, and muscle stimulation to help your muscles and soft tissue heal. Your physical therapist will check on your progress from previous sessions, and begin working on muscle strengthening exercises when you are ready.

Your Physical Therapy Exercises

Physical therapy exercises should not cause you pain. If you have a problem with one of your prescribed exercises, let your physical therapist know. Your exercise routine is designed to help you gain strength slowly and improve the function of your muscles and joints. You may need to ease up on your exercises, or change your routine at the guidance of your physical therapist.

At PT Link Physical Therapy, we are ready to help you heal after an auto accident. Learn about the benefits of physical therapy when you have sustained an injury, and get started on your path to recovery today.


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