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Using Lucky Draw Software in Singapore

Traditional Lucky Draws

Lucky draws have been one of the most successful and fun ways to host events that require a choice to make a random selection. In a lucky draw, each of the participating entities has a fair chance of being selected. Therefore, if you are planning to host a giveaway for marketing your brand or trying to select a winner for your weekly quiz, give lucky draw a chance.

We have all seen the traditional lucky draw. We have seen it during the knockout draws of the UEFA Champions League or other similar sporting competitions. Likewise, we have seen companies selecting a lucky winner for their giveaways and promotional programs. Typically, it consists of one or more representatives from the hosts trying to select a piece of wrapped paper inside a box. Before selection, they shuffle it for a few seconds so that there is minimum bias. The anxiety and the nerves before the selection make it highly exciting.

Software-Based Lucky Draws

However, there is a new way to host similar kinds of events. Using random selection software can just be as exciting while being more efficient. However, random number generator software has been a controversial topic because of its non-purely random nature. Since computers are machines that work by processing a sequence of instructions over some data, there is a question of where the randomness comes from. Therefore, these types of numbers are called pseudorandom numbers.

The nature of randomness that you want to achieve depends on your objectives. For simple applications like games and small giveaways, using pseudo-random symbol generator software is sufficient. It does not matter even if the generation process can be traced back. For a fair competition with your own sets of terms and conditions, informing this beforehand can be a just process.

Your Next Successful Lucky Draw with Our Software

With our new Singapore Random Name Software, we guarantee that your next lucky draw will be a great success. Our intelligent software engine will take care of repeated entries and treat them as a single entry. Likewise, our easy-to-use interface is intuitive and self-explanatory. This means you do not need to go outside our website to search for extra information. Most importantly, it is absolutely free to use and there are no user registrations involved. You just paste the name list from your pool of participants, spin the wheel, and receive a random selection. Furthermore, you can spin the wheel multiple times during a set if you want to select multiple winners. Upon reset, a new list of winners will be generated.


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