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Premium Lens Replacement options Such as Toric , Multifocal, Panoptix & Vivity lenses

Cataract Surgery advancements have come along way. Advancements in technology and medical invention have made significant improvements to the cataract surgery process.  Now due to  new improvements in technology, many ophthalmologists Eye doctor in Westchester are able to use state-of-the-art lasers to precisely breakdown the cataract lens pieces and then aspirate it through a  needle- thin microscopic incision of the cornea . The ophthalmologist then puts an artificial lens, called an intraocular lens, in place of your normal lens.

In addition to these remarkable surgical improvements, researchers and ophthalmologists also have been diligently working on  producing new intraocular lenses which are capable of correcting both cataracts and other vision issues. Prior to these improvements, cataract patients only had one lens option -Monofocal ( one focus). This standard lens let them see 1 distance. Their cataract was  gone, but any other vision issues  still remained. Now, the broader availability of premium lenses has made it possible for ophthalmologists to correct not just  cataracts but correct astigmatism and other visual  problems (  near and distance vision). This article  offers  the many different types of premium lenses which are available today and how they can enhance your overall vision.

Which Sort of Premium Lenses are Available?

Wouldn’t it be good to have the ability to go into surgery wearing glasses and days later,significantly reduce your dependency on glasses or not need them alltogether. Multifocal lenses are intraocular lens which enables the user to view at both distance and near vision. They are most analogous to bifocal or progressive glasses, which are the most frequent solution used to correct a condition called presbyopia for patients over the age of 50.  As we get older, presbyopia induces our natural lenses to slowly harden. This means they’re less flexible, making it harder for our eyes to see  objects which are nearer to us. Multifocal lenses can fix both cataracts and presbyopia. These unique lenses are broken up into ‘measures’, which bend light differently, allowing for enhanced vision at both near and far distances.

Toric Lens

Cataract surgery can now treat astigmatism . An astigmatism is a condition where the eye is not perfectly round, but more elliptical in shape . This shape difference causes distortion in vision. Patients with astigmatism usually require glasses to  see at close and distance range. A toric lens implant (IOL) corrects the astigmatism or the distortion. To correct this distortion of vision ( astigmatism), special measurements are required to allow cataract surgeons to decide on the most helpful toric IOL power and the necessary orientation of the implant in the eye to correct the astigmatism successfully.

Multifocal Lens

When contemplating a procedure for your own eyes, we understand the importance of reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of your treatment. While multifocal IOLs provide many advantages over single focus  standard lenses , advantages than  difficulties, helping our patients understand the complete extent of these options are  quite important to us. Lens implants do not  break down like your normal lens. Lens implants placed at surgery endures for the rest of your life.   Cataract surgery and the choices thst come along with it,  have an impact on how you see forever after. With Multifocal lenses, you can significantly reduce the need for eyeglasses from occasional or minimal usage to none at all. These lenses, enhance your overall eyesight all together.

Panoptix  Multifocal Lens

Among other Multifocal possibilities, the PanOptix type is one of the latest options. PanOptix Trifocal lenses are one of the more effective choices. These are composed  of blue and ultraviolet light filtering material that will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays or sunlight. One of the main advantages of PanOptix Trifocals lenses provides an extremely broad spectrum of vision from distance , midrange and near vision. This especially provided easier reading vision. Together with other similar trifocal brands, reading can be more challenging due to the intermediate vision. But, PanOptix allows for sharper close and middle vision to generate reading and up-close tasks a lot easier. At 1 to 3 months, 93% remained 20/40 ( driving without glssses) or better and 85% were even  correctable to 20/25 or better. The downside of these lenses is that patients that do much night driving may have nighttime driving distortion of seeing halos around headlights caused by  the bulleye concentric pattern on the lens. 

In the  monofocal lens implant ( without astigmatism)  patient population, 72% were 20/20 or greater.

Vivity Multifocal Intraocular Lens

The Vivity intraocular lens is the newest generation of lens Multifocal lens implants. . It’s categorized as an “Extended assortment of Vision” lens, which means that individuals using this intraocular lens will have the ability to see far and near without glasses. Having a standard mono focal intraocular lens, patients are generally able to see clearly far away without eyeglasses but not near. How the Vivity differs from the Panoptix , is that the Panoptix provides a broader spectrum of vision ( near, intermediate and distance )( reading , computer and driving or watching TV) but could provide halos around headlights for those who do much nighttime driving . The Vivity has no halos at night and are good for those who do much nighttime driving or have visual limiting problems like advanced glaucoma or Macular Degeneration, however the very upclose vision could be limited .

Multifocal/ Toric lens implants

Until only recently having an astigmatism limited your choices of intraocular lens implant. If you had an astigmatism your only option for lens implant was a toric lens. This corrected your vision for distance only. Therefore those who opted for premium lenses and had astigmatism could only treat their astigmatism. This limited their vision enhancement lens choices for clarity in the distance only. There was no option for near vision correcting implants for those with astigmatism. Now both of the multi focus brands offfers premium toric options. Therefore those with astigmatism  can now also enjoy both independent   near and distance correction       

Save Long-Term Eyewear Prices

In addition to having the ability to live without having to depend on  eyeglasses or contacts, picking premium lenses for  your cataract operation is an economic investment that saves you money  over your lifetime. Although these lenses are not covered by your insurance and require upfront cost , it is still a cost saver over your lifetime and provide freedom and convenience.

Pros of Multifocal Lenses, can include watching TV or driving without your glasses, looking at the computer, phone, price tags, books and newspaper, swimming, cruising , golfing , desk work , cooking ,   prayer books , menues , sewing or just waking up and seeing your alarm clock with no glasses or occasional usuage. Also if you fall in the minority that still occasionally use glasses, the prescription is light ,  used sparingly for refinement and pretty much doesn’t change over time.

Therefore Multifocal lens implants   saves money on the  frequent prescriptive eyeglass changes, contact lens and  or prescription sunglasses. Ask your eye surgeon about your lens implant options At your next visit for your routine Eyecare check out lens implant options and Laser Surgery For Eye Pressure.

Remember great vision is a luxury that’s worth the investment.


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